Luciano Berio's landmark solo works, performed throughout the city and throughout the month by the soloists of NAT 28.

9/1, 4pm: Fairmount Lobby (Downtown)

9/9, 4pm: Pittsburgh Opera (at intermission in Matinee)

9/13, 9pm: Carnegie Library Main (Oakland)

9/15, 3:30pm: Pittsburgh Opera (as part of the Soundpike)

9/20, 7:30pm: Pittsburgh Opera (as part of Feature)

9/1, 11am: Saturday Light Brigade Radio

9/6, 7pm: Sunburst School of Music (Squirrel Hill)

9/11, 12pm: Strip District Market

9/14, 7pm: Mount Washington Overlook

9/16, 10am: PSO 5k Race (Millvale)

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