New Hazlett Theater (map)
May 24, Saturday, 2-5p

Come in between 2 and 5 and pay as you exit

$20 if you stay for 59 minutes or less

$15 for 1-1½ hours

$10 for 1½-2½ hours

$5 for 2½ hs or more

Cash, checks, and all major credit cards accepted





2p Trillium Ensemble: music by Scott Steele
2:15 Black Orchid String Trio: music by David Hidek
2:30 Eclectic Laboratory Chamber Orchestra: Cage's Five
2:30 Trillium: music by Mark Fromm
2:45 Black Orchid: music by Adam Rook

3:05 ELCO: music by Alan Tormey
3:15 Tepki Music Collective: music by Erberk Eryílmaz
3:25 ELCO: music by Christine Burke
3:35 Tepki: music by Reza Vali

3:50 Alia Musica Pittsburgh: music by Scott Steele 
4:00 Freya String Quartet: Steve Reich's Different Trains 
4:30 Alia Musica: music by Mark Fromm
4:50 Directions Duo: music by Brett Dean


Pay for your ticket as you exit — the longer you stay the more groups you'll see, the more music you'll hear... and the less you will pay!

A unique experience of joint discovery of the most active Pittsburgh new music organizations. From seven-year-old organizations (Alia Musica, ELCO) to the freshest initiatives (Tepki, Directions Duo), featuring Pittsburgh's prime quartet Freya in a performance of Steve Reich's seminal Different Trains, alongside with music by Cage, Brett Dean, Federico Garcia-De Castro, and premieres by Pittsburgh composers.