Special Guests →

Marilyn Shrude, composer

Festival soloists perform solo works by the esteemed American composer and new music leader Marilyn Shrude, and Alia Musica premieres her new quintet, commissioned for the PFNM.

The Dreamsongs Project

Minnesotta-based voice and guitar duo dreamSong Project performs Ted Moore's Feathermucker (mezzo-soprano, guitarist, and laptop) with the composer.

Jan Williams, percussion

Legendary percussionist Jan Williams, dedicatee of Frederic Rzewski's landmark solo percussion work To the Earth, presents his version for the piece for Pittsburgh audiences, plus music by Gustavo Matamoros and Ryan Macmasters.

Headlining Acts →

Eight Songs for a Mad King

New York-based vocalist Paul Pinto and Tenth Intervention perform Eight Songs for a Mad King, the landmark monodrama on words of George III by British composer Peter Maxwell Davies.

Nimikry Contemporary Pop Duo (Italy)

Alessandro Baticci and Rafal Zalech are Nimikry, the Italian contemporary pop duo. Their performance reinvents the classical instruments (flute, viola) through the use of technology, and reveals new fields of noise pop, classical remix, and experimental electronics.

Surround, for six harps

The PFNM presents the world premiere of Surround, for six harps placed around the audience. Written and conducted by Festival Director Federico Garcia de Castro, with a stellar ensemble led by PSO's Gretchen Van Hoesen.


Sequenza pop-up series

Members of Pittsburgh-based ensemble NAT 28 perform several of the Sequenzas, Luciano Berio's virtuoso works for solo instrument, for incidental audiences at cafes, museums, and other nontraditional venues.

Season kick-offs

Pittsburgh new music ensembles and artists kick off 2018–19 with their appearance at PFNM. From CAPA highschool's Antithesis to established ensembles like Kassia and Wolftrap and experimental artists like David Bernabo and John Ivory.

Ben Barson & Ben Opie

Pittsburgh's premiere jazz and experimental saxophonists Ben Barson and Ben Opie perform music by Jesse Stilles, Fred Ho, and more.

Mountains of the Moon

Opera and Electronica overlap, split, and become one in Mountains of the Moon, a creation of Pittsburgh vocalists Christiana Dolores and Amanda Van Story Lewis.

Schedule →

9/8 Kick-off

Saturay 9/8, 7:30pm. Ted Moore's Feathermucker and Pittsburgh-based ensemble Kamraton.

9/9 Matinee

Sunday 9/9, 2:30pm/3:30pm. To the Earth, and Surround.

9/15 Marathon

Saturday 9/15, 3:30pm—6 and 8-10pm. the Pittsburgh Soundpike featuring local soloists and ensembles, plus Italy's Nimikry in the evening segment.

9/20 Feature

Thursday 9/20, 7:30pm. P.M. Davies' Eigth Songs for a Mad King. Alia Musica featuring Marylin Schrude, Christiane Dolores, and Amand Story Lewis.

Sequenza series

Throughout the month, throughout the city. Sequenza pop-up series at museums, galleries, libraries, and coffee shops.


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