A song that stretches out a mile

More than 21 performers—one on each corner—sing, play, and/or perform sections inspired by The Long Song, a piece written by Pittsburgh artist Jennifer Myers. A song, a performance, a walk, a scene in a film, and public art—all rolled into one.

The work can be experienced by beginning at Highland and Penn and walking the length of the mile, or in sections, from the end to the beginning, or walking backwards and jumping rope.

The Long Song is supported in part by a grant from Awesome Pittsburgh, and is produced in partnership with BOOM Concepts. BOOM will lead a tour of the song starting 4:15pm at Highland Avenue and Penn.

Sunday June 26. 4–6pm
Penn Avenue, between Highland Ave. and Main St.

Celeste Neuhaus | Magicorgans – DS Kinsel and Julie Mallis
David Bennett | KJ Norris | Ben Barson | Gizelxanath Rodriguez
Roberta Guido | Anthony Williams | Scott Andrew | Jil Stifel
Jean-Paul Weaver | Zoe Sorrel | Oreen Cohen | Eric Weidenhof
Bitter Whiskers – Tessa Barber, Emily Fear, James Todd
Anna Elder | Vanessa German | Joy KMT | Michael David Battle
Hyla Willis | Anqwenique Winfield and Susan Spangler
Sean Beauford

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