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At the Pittsburgh Opera (map)

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Eight Songs for a Mad King
· MARILYN Shrude premiere ·

Plus a special appearance by Christiane Dolores and Amanda Van Story Lewis

7:30pm at the Pittsburgh Opera

Christiane Dolores and Amanda Van Story Lewis: From The Erlkönig and Debussy to modern vocal improvisation, Pittsburgh soprano Amanda Van Story Lewis and multiartist Christiane Dolores offer a 21st-century look at the tradition of the lied, with Zoltan Weslowski (bass) and Amaury Morales (piano).

Alia Musica premieres Within the Wall, a new quintet by Festival Composer Marilyn Shrude, conducted by Federico Garcia-De Castro.

Nadine Sherman (NAT 28): Berio's Sequenza for cello.

Eight Songs for a Mad King: Tenth Intervention's version of P.M. Davies' epoch-making monodrama on words by George III. Featuring the amazing vocalist-composer Paul Pinto's five-octave range and extended vocal technique.

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